One step adjustment for permanent resident status 

When people submit Form I-130 together with Form I-485, this is usually referred to as “one-step adjustment,” or "concurrent filing." The phrase “one-step” refers to the fact that instead of submitting a petition and then waiting for the approval of that petition before submitting an application for adjustment of status or for an immigrant visa, both the petition and the adjustment application are sent in at the same time. Combining these steps is largely impossible in cases where the immigrant is living overseas.

One-step adjustment is an option when there is an immediately available immigrant visa number and the immigrant is both living in the U.S. and eligible to use adjustment of status as an application procedure, which usually requires that the person be living in the U.S. in lawful status. See "Who Can Apply for a Green Card Through Adjustment of Status" for more on this.

One common scenario in which one-step adjustment of status is an option is when a U.S. citizen is petitioning for a husband or wife, and that person is living in the U.S. with a visa, such as student or H-1B. In those cases, an immigrant visa is immediately available because the spouse of a U.S. citizen is an immediate relative and for immediate relatives there is no limit on the number of visas that can be issued and thus no waiting period to receive one.

The “alien” spouse can, in such a case, submit a Form I-485 at the same time that the U.S. citizen husband or wife submits Form I-130. On Form I-485, the immigrating spouse would check the box that says: "I am applying for an adjustment of status to permanent resident status because . . . An immigrant petition giving me an immediately available immigrant visa number has been approved.”

Other immediate relatives, for whom there is no limit in the number of available visas include parents and children (under 21 and unmarried) of U.S. citizens. Assuming that there is a valid relationship for immigration purposes and the parent or child is in the U.S. and “admissible,” those immediate relatives would also be able to submit Form I-485 at the same time as the petitioner submits Form I-130.
If you are filing Form I-360 as the victim of abuse by a U.S. citizen spouse or parent, you may also utilize one-step adjustment.


Two steps adjustment for permanent resident status 

Us citizen Petitioner can request K visa for fiancee as well as for spouse and child once those family get in to USA they can apply for adjustment status by filing the form I-485 in the case of fiance this fiancee will receive a conditional residence for 2 years . in order to work those k visa status have to file an employment authorization form card by filing the form I-765