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We are a home based business with 10 years experience in preparing different legal form, work with us and avoid mistake. We are a member of the national Registered Tax Return preparer with a Master's degree in finance. if you are looking for Reliable tax preparation services that consider all the credit and deduction that you deserve you come to the right place. we also offer prose help in filing your immigration form

For your tax return avoid mistake , We can remotely get all preparation done , we only need your financial information w2, 1099 you can take clear picture of your document or scan them and you will forward them via email. we also need your identity information like driver license, social security , address as well as routing number and account number if you are looking for to direct deposit your refund

Our average tax preparation fee it's 284 if you are self employed but we can go as low as 70 us fee for for 1040EZ

We even offer a special online Service where we guide you in doing your tax on your own via Skype so that you don't even have to forward us your info.
If you need help with your tax return don't hesitate to contact us above or call us at
941- 462- 9632

We are open Monday - Friday From 8 AM to 6 PM and all the day long on Saturday and Sunday